Tally Ho! Racing, round two of the Castle Combe Saloon Car Championship

Monday 5th May proved to be a “step up” in the saloon car championship. The opening round on Easter Monday had a very “start of season” feel with competitors running new cars and finding their feet, our second place was a remarkable achievement and a huge tribute to Arthur Marks for preparing the vehicle so well. This time out the competition had improved and we saw a number of weight saving features on vehicles which was an interesting development. The weather was perfect, sunny but cool and the track surface was good (but Castle Combe needs to consider resurfacing, the 1992 tarmac is reaching the end of its life) for qualifying but we had mixed fortunes and were 2.5 seconds off the pace of our main competitor. We entered an open race in the morning to get some extra practice and lapped 2 seconds faster than qualifying which gave reason for optimism!

The race start was good and we made up four places overtaking several group C (faster) cars and chasing the two cars ahead a VW Lupo (No5) and Saxo (No10) after two laps we had narrowed the gap but as the race settled it was difficult to make progress against these two vehicles which seemed much faster than they were at the Easter meeting. Arthur drove brilliantly and finished in third place getting the maximum from the vehicle and taking no risks at this early stage of the season.

For this race the car had new suspension poly bushes and a stiffer front roll bar, for the next race it will have new rear shocks and we hope that as the Toyo tyres wear the grip will improve.

Next Out: Bank holiday Monday  2nd June.




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